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Croydon Chamber of Commerce & Industry was born in Main Street Croydon in 1951as the brainchild of the commercial traders of the time, led by Mr George Pile and including Mr Norm Murphy, amongst others.

Both of these gentlemen remained life-long loyal and faithful supporters of CCCI, and such was the quality of their vision for a vibrant and effective business association, it still continues to inform and inspire us.

Since its inception, there has been continual change and growth for CCCI. Amongst others, the following hallmarks are noteworthy:

In 1999 under the Presidency of Mr Chris Varty (CEO, Mark Stevens Fine Furniture), the then Committee of Management determined to shift the paradigm operating within Chamber at that time, so as to better serve it’s industry members.

Due to this ensuing expansion, it became obvious that a geographically bound Chamber was no longer appropriate so at the AGM in 2000, under direction of President, Denis Grehan, (CEO, Maroondah Credit Union) CCCI formally changed its constitution to accommodate a region-wide approach to representation and membership.

By 2001, under direction of President Glen Walker (Operations Manager, Kenworth Trucks), CCCI’s financial membership had reached record levels. 3500 affiliated members had been added and membership was sprinkled throughout Melbourne’s outer Eastern region.

Also in this year, CCCI became the longest surviving recipient of Sponsorship by Leader Community Newspapers for their weekly newspaper column “Chamber Chat” in the Leader Maroondah local paper.

Chamber Chat keeps our members abreast of current issues, and can now be found online atwww.croydonchamber.com.au

Today CCCI continues to offer businesses and members an array of exciting benefits. The Executive and Committee of Management work consistently to expand those benefits for all business in Melbourne’s East, from our home in Maroondah.

CCCI membership is inexpensive and represents proven value for money. The CCCI Membership badge is the mark of a business being led by community minded, savvy, and practical people, who are committed to making that business the very best it can be.